Finding an event location in the centre of Vienna with a secluded garden that you can use for events is not that easy, in fact it is extremely rare.

green urban oasis

The VIENNABallhaus has such a garden. The charming event location in the heart of Vienna's city centre is complemented by a Garden of paradise complements: an enclosed, beautifully landscaped and flowered courtyard frames your event with lush greenery, flowering shrubs, an old chestnut tree, birch trees and palm trees. When the blue hour the sky not only bathes the outdoor area in a romantic light, the Sensitive garden lighting conjures up a wonderful atmosphere.

Event garden design

Especially in the beautiful season, the VIENNABallhaus through the adjoining garden, which is just as lovely and beautiful. Here you can enjoy Receptions for weddings, cocktail receptions, Gala dinnersbut also BBQs celebrate.
Welcome outdoors, for Barbecuing and chillingfor a cocktail bar, for laughing, eating and smoking. The garden cuts a really good figure with bar tables, garden buffet, dinner table and garden benches.

Wonderfully versatile

Best man squirrel

The Romantic garden is also ideal for an unforgettable Summer or winter wedding to.
Because, if the weather plays along, your Open-air wedding ceremony possible.