Unforgettable moments

The VIENNABallhaus offers the ideal setting for Birthday parties of all ages. Whether you are planning a small intimate birthday with close friends or a large celebration with the whole family, we have the perfect solution for you. The warm and inviting ambience of our dream location creates a cosy atmosphere. festive atmospherewhich are perfect for Family celebrations suitable. Our Professional event planning is at your side to ensure that every moment of your celebration is perfect. From the decorations to the menu selection We take care of every detailso that you can concentrate fully on your guests and the party.

The perfect frame

The VIENNABallhaus has modern amenities and a modern first-class Equipmentwhich ensures that your birthday party or family celebration will be unforgettable. With more stylish Lighting, high quality Sound engineering and our Private Vienna we create the perfect backdrop for exuberant celebrations and a festive atmosphere.

Birthday | Anniversary
Celebration Time!

Let us together Turning your vision into reality and organise your anniversary or family celebration that will be remembered for a long time to come. Contact us Contact us to find out more about our event location and our customised offers for birthday parties and family celebrations. We look forward to working with you to unforgettable moments to create!

From January to April we grant for family celebrations a Discount from 15% on the location hire.