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The VIENNABallhaus offers you the perfect backdrop for Sophisticated press conferences and panel discussions. We create a welcoming atmosphere that combines professionalism and elegance to ensure that Present your message with style and effectiveness will be. The neo-baroque ambience and high-quality furnishings of our location not only offer a visual treat, but also the technological infrastructure that ensures smooth processes and a high quality of service. Clear communication is crucial. We combine Style, professionalism and state-of-the-art technologyto ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression.

The good sound

We understand that press conferences and panel discussions specific requirements for Interior design and technology to your needs. That's why we offer you flexible configurations that adapt to your needs. Our Full HD mega screen, wireless microphones and light presets make even short-term set-ups easy. Of course, we also set up and dismantle. From conference seating to panel discussions - Our location offers space for a wide variety of formats and provides optimum visibility for guests and media representatives.


Our Committed team supports you from planning to realisation to ensure that your PK or panel discussion runs smoothly. With our support, you can concentrate on the content designwhile we take care of all the logistical details. Our experienced staff are on hand to ensure that Light, sound and presentation technology We offer you not only a unique location, but also the perfect solution for your needs. professional servicesthat ensure the success of your event.

From January to April for press conferences and podium discussions, we will grant a Discount from 15% on the location hire.


Annika S.

VIENNABallhaus was a fantastic venue to celebrate our company's anniversary! The venue itself is amazing. The staff were exceptional, both the event- and catering planner (Hannahs Plan) who provided support throughout and the whole team on the day who made sure it all went perfectly. The food and wine was fabulous, and a real highlight was the beautiful decoration of the VIENNABallhaus. We loved every minute of the event, as did all of our guests, thanks in no small part to such an amazing venue and team.

Lisa B.

We wanted to thank you once again! It was a very successful event for us and a big THANK YOU to the team, everyone was very courteous, supportive, helpful and always responded very quickly (especially when the rain clouds came). We and all the guests felt very comfortable and received a lot of positive feedback for the location and the team on site. Hope to see you again soon at the next event!

Christian K.

This beautifully renovated gem in the heart of the city boasts excellent transport links, top infrastructure, including one of the best catering outlets in the city (right on site), and outstanding service. In addition, the "Studio" is accessible via a golden lift. A brand new vaulted room equipped with the finest technology. A perfect complement to the baroque ambience of the ballroom. The VIENNABallhaus can be recommended without exception, especially for medium-sized customer events for up to 150 people, I know of hardly any other comparable location in the city.

Katharina K.

Beautiful location, which has been tastefully modernised. It is a perfect place for workshops, or any other events. The VIENNABallhaus comes with outstanding catering & very attentive service. We spent very productive days there.

Michaela T.

An enchanting location in the centre of Vienna with incredible flair. The hall is opulent and quirky, the courtyard atmospheric and cosy. The catering by Hannah's Plan is great. A great experience guaranteed. Working with Hannah Neunteufel and her team is always a pleasure, highly competent, pleasant and enjoyable. A highly recommended location!

Flo T.

Very nice ambience, great and friendly service, top catering. We were there for a company party and were delighted. The atmospheric cellar bar with DJ can also be booked as an option and is highly recommended.

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Professional organisation and implementation of a press conference: a guide to success

Press conferences play a crucial role in corporate communications and the public presentation of events, products or services. Careful organisation and precise execution are essential to ensure that the message is delivered effectively and receives the desired media and public attention. This detailed guide highlights the key steps for the professional planning and execution of a press conference.

I. Introduction

The importance of press conferences in corporate communications cannot be underestimated. They provide a platform for disseminating important information, answering questions from the media and increasing a company's visibility. Organising a successful press conference requires careful planning, strategic consideration and precise implementation.

II Before the press conference: The planning phase

1 **Objective setting and target group analysis**

Before the planning begins, it is crucial to define clear objectives for the press conference. What message should be conveyed? Who is the target group? A comprehensive analysis of the target groups makes it possible to address the right media representatives and place the message in a targeted manner.

2 **Date selection and timing**

Choosing the right date plays an important role. Timing the event to coincide with relevant events or industry events can increase attention. The timing should also take into account when media representatives are best available and when competition is low.

3. selection of the location

The choice of location has a decisive influence on the overall impression of the press conference. A professional atmosphere, sufficient space and modern technical equipment are decisive criteria. The location should also be easily accessible and offer sufficient parking facilities.

4. **Creation of a guest list**

A detailed guest list helps to keep track of the expected participants. This includes not only media representatives, but also relevant stakeholders, influencers and experts who can enrich the event.

5 **Prepare media materials**

Providing journalists with prepared materials such as press releases, infographics, images and background information makes their work easier and ensures that the desired information is presented correctly and comprehensively.

III. In the press conference: The implementation phase

1st **Welcome and introduction**

The start of the press conference is crucial. A warm welcome and a brief introduction to the topic create a positive atmosphere and arouse the interest of the participants.

2 **Presentation of the information**

The presentation of information should be clearly structured and concise. Visualisations such as presentation slides or multimedia elements can increase attention. A clear line is important in order to convey the main messages clearly.

3 **Questions and answers**

The question-and-answer session allows media representatives to ask for specific information. A prepared team should be on hand to answer the questions competently. This encourages interaction and builds trust.

4. **Technical support**

Smooth technical realisation is crucial. Microphones, lighting and presentation technology should be tested in advance. An on-site technical team ensures that any problems are rectified immediately.

IV. After the press conference: the follow-up phase

1st **Media support**

Support for media representatives continues after the press conference. The provision of additional information, interviews and photo opportunities strengthens the relationship with the media and increases the likelihood of comprehensive coverage.

2 **Analysis and evaluation**

A thorough analysis of the press conference is essential in order to identify successes and recognise possible improvements for future events. This includes analysing media reports, participant feedback and the success in achieving the defined objectives.

3 **Documentation and archiving**

The documentation of all materials, presentations and media reports makes it possible to maintain a comprehensive overview of the press conference. This serves not only for internal follow-up, but also as a valuable archive for future reference.

V. Conclusion

The professional organisation and implementation of a press conference requires thorough planning, careful execution and continuous follow-up. From the choice of location to media support after the event, there are numerous factors to consider. A successful event not only strengthens a company's reputation, but also fosters a lasting relationship with the media and the public. By consistently applying this guide, companies can ensure that their message is communicated effectively and leaves a lasting impression.

I apologise for the error. Let's expand the guide further to achieve the desired word goal.

VI Case studies and best practices

1 **Successful examples from practice**

The integration of case studies and best practices provides valuable insights into successful press conferences organised by other companies. Analyse which strategies and tactics work in different industries and how they can be applied to your specific requirements.

2 **Innovative technologies and trends**

The constant development of technology is also influencing the way press conferences are organised and conducted. Here we take a look at innovative technologies such as virtual press conferences, interactive live streams and digital press kits. Integrating such trends can extend the reach of your event and improve interaction with attendees.

VII Challenges and solutions

1 **Dealing with unexpected situations**

In the real world, unforeseen events can occur that affect the course of a press conference. Here we discuss proven strategies for dealing with crises, unexpected questions from the media and other potential challenges.

2 **Crisis communication and reputation management**

A clear crisis communication strategy is crucial to maintaining public trust. We discuss effective methods for responding professionally in times of crisis and protecting a company's reputation.

VIII. Future outlook

1 **Trends in press conference organisation**

An outlook on future developments in press conference organisation makes it possible to identify innovative approaches at an early stage. This could include the integration of artificial intelligence, personalised experiences or global virtual events.

2 **Sustainability in the event industry**

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We discuss how companies can not only fulfil their social responsibility through environmentally friendly event practices, but also save costs and increase their credibility.

IX. Concluding thoughts

The professional organisation and implementation of a press conference requires a deep understanding of the strategic, logistical and communicative aspects. By integrating best practices, addressing current challenges and looking to the future, companies can ensure that their press conferences are not only effective but also leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, it should be emphasised that the success of a press conference lies not only in the event itself, but also in the ongoing maintenance of the relationship with the media and the public. Through transparent communication, credible information provision and a willingness to respond to feedback, companies can build long-term positive relationships that extend beyond individual events.

With this comprehensive guide, we hope to support companies on the road to successful press conferences. The combination of thorough planning, careful implementation and open, transparent communication will not only guarantee the success of an individual event, but also lay the foundations for a strong, long-term corporate presence.