We love Christmas!

And we love Christmas parties!

Festive atmosphere, beautiful Christmas decorations, delicious Christmas buffets, candle decorations, vanilla crescents, Punch stand and chestnuts in the garden...the Christ Child's eyes light up!

Every year, our beautifully decorated Christmas tree shines throughout December, Six metre high Christmas tree and one of the highlights of all events in the run-up to Christmas. 

Of course we are also happy to decorate the VIENNABallhaus and the table/tables according to your wishes!

Nice present

Banquet or banquet table - What suits your company better? Solid Cocktail settingbecause they are a Flying Dinner and would also like to ask partners to do so?

And when it comes to the Party may, indeed must, pass over, then we will certainly not stop you in our Private Vienna three floors below the VIENNABallhaus you can party and dance until dawn.

Glamour & thanks

Most companies have long since swapped the "compulsory Christmas party" for the "Yay - where are we going this year" mood! The Team-building incentive is more important than ever in our high-performance society! A splendid Christmas party sets the glorious and grateful conclusion of an exhausting working year. Man celebrates the successes and enjoy a fun evening together outside of working hours. A Christmas event as sincere thanks from the company is always well received. With staging and catering, the bosses show their team/crew the Appreciation for performancecommitment and success.

The festive VIENNABallhaus: