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The historic event location in Berggasse

The VIENNABallhaus is located in a listed building in the heart of Vienna, not far from the historic living and working quarters of Sigmund Freud.

Where today the probably Vienna's most charming event location has always been a A place of hospitalityThe building was built in 1824 and was first used as a classic Viennese inn with club rooms, a telephone, electric lighting and a bowling alley, which was popular with the Viennese bourgeoisie. The Friends of Nature were also founded in this location - an event in which the first Austrian Federal President, Dr Karl Rennerwas significantly involved.

Berggasse 5 quickly became well-known and popular as a place of joie de vivre and enjoyment. Neo-Baroque garden wingthe current VIENNABallhauswas added. Later, a publishing house, a book printing works and a student café used the once very popular square until it was finally just a sad shadow of its former self.

Don't worry - you won't find any of that at Berggasse 5. Instead, you will certainly find The most extraordinary event location in the heart of Vienna! In 2014, the event revolutionary and entrepreneur Hannah Neunteufel The old, derelict, listed building with a history and was immediately convinced of its potential. The doll-sized ballroom enchanted her, the rotten wooden staves under the yellowed, torn linoleum floor creaked seductively.

Two years, countless editions, ups and downs and many hurdles later, the VIENNABallhaus to loving and detailed renovation will be reopened as a top event location and made bookable for the most beautiful aspects of life. 

Every year, hundreds of guests enjoy a holiday here. celebrate, to meet, to present and Yes to say. The VIENNABallhaus has arrived on the Viennese society and corporate event scene and is here to stay.

Come in and let yourself be enchanted!

There's always a reason to celebrate...