The most popular wedding location
in the heart of Vienna

Registry office on site - wedding ceremony also possible outdoors - barrier-free

Your dream wedding

The weddings in the VIENNABallhaus really deserve the title "dreamlike". Small, refined or exuberantly lavish weddings find an extraordinary setting in Berggasse. Urban and yet "enchanted", the VIENNABallhauswhich Most popular wedding location in the heart of Vienna a romantic, festive and at the same time very intimate setting for saying "I do" and celebrating the most beautiful day.

Say YES!
... in & to the VIENNABallhaus

We arrange your "Perfect Wedding" - flowery, kitschy, elegant, colourful or discreet. The Welcome, the wedding ceremony in the blooming gardenThe champagne reception with photo session, the wedding dinner as a banquet table or as a casual cocktail party. Not forgetting the cake cutting and the exuberant party with DJ and night snack!

No matter what you want - the main thing is that it's perfect for you!

Before the wedding night

Real Boutique weddings can be celebrated here in the heart of the city. Of course, we also have harmonious productions for the "Marriage for all". And three storeys below the VIENNABallhaus is our Private Viennaa charming vaulted cellar where you can Until the dolls can celebrate.

The most beautiful day

We are also happy to support you if you need assistance.
Red carpet? Naked Wedding Cake?
White doves? Peony dreams?
Anything is possible!

Best man squirrel

The Romantic garden is also ideal for an unforgettable summer or winter wedding. Because, if the weather plays along, your Open-air wedding ceremony possible.

For Winter weddings (January to April) we grant 15% Discount on the location hire.